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Memento Ink.

Memento Ink is a jewelry brand that creates meaningful and unique jewerly pieces which capture memories in a different way. Just like the more traditional engraved jewelry Memento Ink offers you a way to wear the image of a loved one and carry them close to you, but in a totally new and modern way. The state of the art 3D ink printing technology delivers a unique object with a layered texture that gives you a memory you can both see and touch.

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Ordering Process

Please send us your desired image at 300dpi plus your specific wishes in terms of size, small / medium / large and whether you would like a necklace or bracelet. Our developers will then run a quick analysis on the image and send you 3 possible design options with prices for you to choose from including the next steps and payment conditions.

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How it works

Memento Ink combines the power of UV Ink in layers, otherwise known as 3D-Printing, and traditional craftsmanship to bring personalized jewelry to the mass-market. Once a customer submits an order & image our specialist designers models it to a final approved design and sends it to the 3D printer after the customers approval. After a final check by our quality specialists and the addition of the rope to wear the item, the product is sent to the consumer directly.


Send us your image at 300 dpi.

We will make an analysis on the file and inform you how to proceed including 3 possible design options and prices.

We will print it out & send it.

You can show this unique piece of to all your loved ones!

Memento ink.

Order your Memento Ink now

Our webshop will be live soon for direct upload and order. While this is in process please follow the above mentioned steps to make your pre-orders and receive more information.

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