HP Ascetic Study

Premium Laptop

This premium laptop study provides the modern professional with a new and unique device that no longer requires an additional carrier. The luxurious finish of leather and sleek exterior, in combination with a retro inspired keyboard creates a dialogue between the days of the old typewriter and the future of ever evolving design. Blending these together resulted in a product with which consumers can identify themselves, their own ambition & view of life with our values and vision of design. Discover a new way of working on the go with Ascetic.

Spot Theme

Project Description

The first step in transforming HP was to define a strong, authentic story.

HP was founded on the belief that technology will improve people’s lives, and HP should always aspire for better. This founding principle was unearthed through co-creation workshops with the key stakeholders across the business groups, the HP Labs, product design and insight groups.

Studio Lata's work

Proposal Description:

The ASCETIC design study wishes to celebrate the premium experience of professionals around the world. This limited edition Laptop was planned to be produced in limited editions. The exclusive look and feel which embodied the luxury of a once in a lifetime experience that would be a key fit for todays business men.

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