Star Blue - Designer Rug

Exclusive and trend-setting rugs

The Star Blue Rug series enbodies a range of rugs with a more subtle rhythm, showing patterns related to astronomical discovery and mythological connection.

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Project Description

The Star Blue rugs are exclusive and trend-setting rugs made from the highest quality materials with extreme attention to detail. The Star Blue rug is designed fusing casual mystic and chic, matching different tastes. The rugs are designed to be used in a modular fashion, without traditional borders and can be mixed and match freely.


Sizes 300cm x 300cm & 200cm x 350cm

Pile Composition Acryllic chenille

Studio Lata's work

Proposal Description:

The Star Blue design study aimed to create premium woven rugs inspired by celestial and mythological patterns which flow into an abstract geometrical pattern. This unique rug was planned to be produced in limited editions. The exclusive look and feel embodies the luxury of a once in a lifetime experience that would be a key fit for todays home.

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