Galileo - Clock

Exclusive Wall Clock

The fascination of timetelling in a simple but accurate design story. The black and gold Galileo is inspired by the colors of the night with the bright glow of the stars against the dark sky and time slowing down while gazing upon the sky.

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Project Description

Most of us are living in a hurry. Busy to get to work, running for appoitments. The day has already been disrupted by the thought of it, leaving us seeking for an update of time. The project idea was to create a clock which embodied a more pleasant and natural design, focused on communicating in a more subtle manner.


Wall Clock

Size 345cm

Poly Resin Black

Studio Lata's work

Proposal Description:

The Galileo wall clock provides an unobstrusive way of instilling time into people. It communicates in a more subtle manner, for it is integrated into a product that most people will naturally glance to look at. The Galileo is designed with the thought of making time reading a more natural and pleasant process, especially during the most sensitive times of the day.

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