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As part of a competition regarding the product branding of the food & beverage industry Studio Lata crafted a concept for Bohemia brewery, one of the oldest beer makers in Brazil, dating back from 1853. The heritage of the product was present in the marketing story and website, but the physical product, being the bottle, did not embody this to its full potential.

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Bohemia is one of the oldest beer makers in Brazil, founded in 1853. The tradition of brewing in Brazil dates back to German immigration in the early nineteenth century. The first breweries date from the 1830s, although the brand Bohemia is claimed to be the first Brazilian beer, with production starting in 1853 in the city of PetrĂ³polis, Rio de Janeiro. Actually, Bohemia is the oldest Brazilian beer which is still in production.

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Studio Lata's Work

Proposal Description:

This project was focused in the product and brand heritage optimization with the Bohemia Brand. The challenge in this project was to have a clear understanding of the brand identity and taking a journey outside the current frame of design language. After performing our research we designed a container with a more soft and artisanal outlook, no edges and smooth transitions reminiscing the days of old craftsmanship. We also applied a direct print through silkscreen to the container and developed a cardboard wood printed package that related the consumer to the old times of heritage beverage production.

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