Wind Roots

Unique Ambient Light

Imagining the way a meadow gently sways in the morning breeze or when you walk through it, Wind Roots brings this tranquillity & motion in the home through the lens of LED.

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Project Description

Wind Roots is a high-end LED lighting innovation project that brings together the elegant flow of nature with the innovation of a new LED technology. Made with ultra-thin steel rods and LEDs, Wind Roots is controlled by electric induction current and with a little touch on the stem already triggers light motion. Moreover, the motion is also driven by wind that slowly rock the LEDS back and forth creating a natural pattern of lights that brakes the monotony of daily life. With the added options of color variety in the lights, the product can also be changed easily by the user to fit any interior or mood, making it truly versatile.

Studio Lata's work

Proposal Description:

Wind roots brings a natural & warm atmosphere in the home, both through illumination and communication, making it unlike any current static interior LED lighting. Discover the harmony where nature meets innovation when you experience Wind Roots.

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