Premium iPhone Car Mount

Berrolia, is a unique and detailed iPhone car mount and a step forward in both quality and functionality to regular disposable car mounts. It´s a delicate combination of exact engineering and aesthetic design.

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Client Description

Berrolia is a young and fresh player in the market of mobile phone casing and holders. As a young team in the international market they are looking for new and creative products that stand out in the market place. Our mutual believe in incremental product development allowed us to collaborate on this project in a fast and creative way.


Studio Lata's Work

Proposal Description:

This project was developed for international client Berrolia. The brief was to design a car mount for iPhone that seamlessly connect hi-tec with luxurious heritage. Our in depth analysis of the market revealed that there was a potential untapped market gap for a multifunctional object that could combine the above with more ease of use. We presented the client a concept for an iPhone case that could transform in to a car mount seamlessly, offering the user an all-in-one solution for day to day life. From this concept stage the creative collaboration with the client led to the end result of this exquisite premium object that helps the user in their day to day life.

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