Grandfather's sexy clock

Taking its inspiration from the grandfather clocks from the past, this cheeky daddy combines round elegant lines and a premium wood body with modern dials and clockwork. Like the historic ones, this granddaddy clock is handcrafted with love and only available in limited edition. Isn't it time for a piece of sexy heritage in your house?

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Client Description

The Sardine Shop is a direct sister company of Studio Lata and therefore the partnership for the design of this product was easily established. In their shop you can find a unique collection of bespoke design pieces and ecological products.

Visit their website to see their latest collection of products.


Studio Lata's work

Project:Product Design
Proposal Description:

The brief was to create a unique timepiece that emotionally connects the consumer to their childhood and the magical process of time telling. Studio Lata decided to design this minimalistic shape clock in terms of design language but fully loaded with emotional content in regards of the heritage of time telling.

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