A bit of Asia to inspire your senses.

The Origami Brand has built their brand concept around 3 pillars; freshness, quality & respect for the product. Studio Lata assisted Origami with brand building & concept design from the very begining concept, branding, marketing & communication. The design aproach that we followed let us brand a total brand experience from visisual identity, service experience and brand perception. The central subject of this concept was definitely the origami crane which is the identifiable visual element that helps the consumer discover and remember the brand. The iconic elements of this Asian craft of folding paper can be directly identified with the philosophy of Asian cuisine.

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Client Description

The Origami brand was founded in 2013 and is built around 3 core pillars of; freshness, quality and respect for the product. Their goal is to introduce the flavors of Asia to the World. On your next travels to Luxembourg pass by their restaurant & shop to discover innovative and inspired cuisine.


Studio Lata's Work

Project: Graphic Design & Brand Identity
Proposal Description:

The focus of this project from initial stage was to deliver a strategic consulting methodology that translated the client's dream into a design that was simple, intelligent and emotionally appealing solution to a complex requirement. As a brand the goal was to project a perceived image of an origami crane as it represents Asian tradition, care and craftsmanship but also subsequently represents Asian philosophy, simplicity and elegance. The visual component package of this project and the guidelines that were used as the framework of the business image flow in a cohesive and consistent way, from business card to interior design.

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