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Our Process

Stage 1 - Design Feasibility

Creating a strategy

We will explore the current market needs and trends and create a scenario of future technological and sociological needs and trends. Our plan will be focused on developing multiple points of view and channelling them to one single solid strategy for the client.

Define Parameters

Design parameters will determine cost, design and risk in the development. This is essential for qualitative and quantitative characteristic that set the Design criteria.

Concept Stage

The purpose of the concept stage is to rapidly evaluate a new product opportunity. Our concept stage exists as an answer to the well-defined brief and understanding of both product and market.

Stage 2 - Design Evaluation

Forging Identity

Distilling a brand, a product, a graphic identity to its core essence and use it as physical icon. The approach to these critical aspects along with strategy, packaging and product development efforts, allowing each to influence the other in a natural way.

Product Craft

Transforming product ideas into concepts and then translating them into completely production ready parts. LATA delivers a complete product development package, from the initial generation of product ideas and concepts, to product engineering, delivery of production drawings and initial production follow-up.


A prototype is a sample or model designed to test and trial a new design to enhance precision by system analysts and users. Prototyping serves to provide specifications for a real, working system rather than a theoretical one.

Stage 3 - Design for production


The application of scientific principles to design or manufacturing processes. Every detail can be a key factor in product development, therefore we focus on all the details of manufacturing helping our clients to achieve a high-end quality product.

Manufacturing Specs.

Manufacturing specifications define the processes and methods necessary to produce a given product, including materials, components, or parts into a finished product.

Go To Market

The GTM strategy is developed when companies bring together all the commercial functions including sales, marketing, brand management, pricing, and consumer insights in order to drive the product to market. This raises a set of key challenges and companies face some critical questions, which is where we help them through this process as well.

Quality Design

Lata's work ethic strives to only create high-end premium design. We never settle for anything less.

Awesome Support

We see ourselves as part of our client's team and support them step by step.

Global Services

We are an international office with clients spread throughout the globe.

Responsive Design

Our Design methodology is designed to obtain the most out of our clients needs.

Easy Configuration

Our business module is easy to understand and configured to adapt to the exact needs of our individual clients.

Crafted With Love

Each of our products did not just evolve from a business perspective but is born from a passion for design. They are each crafter with love.

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LATA DESIGN is a creative agency specialized in product design that strives to understand and translate user needs to feasible products of tomorrow.